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Action News AM Live 5AM (HD, New) Overnight and early morning news events, the latest Fresno area weather reports and timely traffic updates are presented by the Action News Morning Team.
Action News AM Live 6AM (HD, New) The latest news of the day is examined by the Action News Team, along with business and economic updates, sports reports, weather conditions and local traffic.
Good Morning America (HD, New, TV-G) Singer James Taylor performs; cooking with chef-in-residence Michael Symon.

More In Common ABC's Michael Koenigs goes in search of extraordinary people across Americans who are bridging divides and finding common ground.
Bite Size Ribs the Size of your head, an entire smoked Alligator and some of the best BBQ can be found in this Texas food court.
Pet Project Cats & Dogs: A dog that dresses better than most people, a Hello Kitty Cafe
Stroke of Genius LCL Art in every form. Meet the man filling pit holes with mosaics, a woman power washing art into her sidewalk and the queen of tape in Chicago!
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Grace Under Fire The Breakup (TV-14) Quentin reacts angrily when he sees Grace kissing Rick and goes to Ben for comfort, and Grace realizes that she must end her relationship with Ben.
Grace Under Fire Grace Under a Wig (TV-14) When Grace gets tired of kids, she puts on a wig and goes to a bar where she assumes another identity.
Grace Under Fire Daycare (TV-14) Grace goes to Rick seeking company-sponsored daycare for the employees' children; Russell's father begins working at the pharmacy.
Grace Under Fire Matthew Gets Busted (TV-14) Matthew's adoptive mother gets angry with Grace for interfering when he gets arrested by the campus police for a prank.
Grace Under Fire Grace Really Under Fire (TV-14) A disturbed and disgruntled former employee enters the refinery with a weapon and takes everyone hostage.
Grace Under Fire Thanks for Nothing (TV-14) Grace reluctantly invites Jean over for Thanksgiving dinner, and becomes annoyed when Rick and Jean seem to be getting along well.
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